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With Skip Kelly Productions, It’s Your Wedding Your Way

Now that you have your groom, your ring and your ideal wedding dress in mind, it's time to plan your wedding entertainment ! We work one-on-one with our clients to understand what type of wedding reception entertainment they are looking for. It’s your wedding, we do it your way. Our consultations are always free and at your convenience and we’re more than happy to help you choose the appropriate music and special events for your wedding reception. Have a favorite song? No problem! Have a special request for an old college song that will really make evening memorable ? No problem!

Skip Kelly Productions Entertainment
West Palm Beach's Wedding Entertainment Specialists

The Top Ten Reasons Brides & Grooms Say They Chose Skip Kelly Productions

(direct from client surveys)

  1. Fresh, new and fun ideas. 
  2. Collaboration.  They didn’t want to figure it all out themselves, nor did they want someone telling them how it must be done.
  3. Skip's impeccable track record of successful events.
  4. They felt listened to and heard. 
  5. They felt at ease around Skip and confident in his abilities.
  6. Honesty and integrity.  It’s important to know what can go wrong and how to avoid it at their wedding.
  7. They felt comforted when presented with a working agenda for the day.
  8. No surprises.  No last minute upsells.
  9. Brides and grooms have commented that, all things being equal, they’d rather hire somebody they like to work with on their wedding…and that it was even true when things weren’t equal.
  10.  “The Value received was much greater than the price paid.”