As you explore the database, please understand that, simply due to the constraints of the software, it only can feature a portion of our total music collection. We’ve had to omit literally thousands of songs to make room for newer music — and, as a result, a lot of our music and more obscure songs, such as indie and punk rock, may not appear in searches. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t accommodate custom requests! When you’re logged into our planning system, you’ll see a button to “add a custom song.” This will enable you to communicate any special requests to us, and we’ll ensure those requests are fulfilled. SK Productions policy is that we will gladly acquire any commercially available song that is not in our library — so if it’s available online or in music stores, we’ll purchase it in anticipation of your event.

If you have any questions about selecting music, or would like some unique suggestions to suit your tastes, please feel free to call, text or email us directly. We’re always happy to help !