Wedding Architectural Lighting (or Up-Lighting) is the art of painting with light. 

With over 16.5 million colors to choose from, we can match any color scheme you can think of. 

Whether it’s one static color all night long to create the atmosphere of your dreams, a gentle fade through a rainbow of colors, or even lights that pulsate to the beat of the music later for dancing, the possibilities are endless!

Paint Your Dreams With Light.

Imagine hearing a breathless "WOW" when your guests enter your reception.

Our wireless uplighting floods walls and ceilings with a tasteful tapestry of light to create a dynamic, romantic aura.  This lighting beautifully enhances your venue’s most attractive features.  And uplighting can almost miraculously hide any flaws.

It allows you to spend less on your other décor. 

If you want your wedding or special event to be distinctively you, you’ll want uplighting from West Palm Beach's premier architectural lighting experts.